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October 10th, 2023

6:00PM | wenatchee high school auditorium


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The Flashlight Initiative Mission

A beacon of light for our community & beyond

The Flashlight Initiative serves as a beacon of illumination, revealing truths that lie in the obscure corners of society through event coordination & education.

Our mission is to pierce the prevailing darkness, shedding light on the haunting realities of human trafficking and slavery, subjects often swathed in shadows and silence.

We organize events, educational promotions & fundraisers designed to enlighten minds and stir hearts to action.

Our events foster an environment where knowledge empowers and compassionate action brings hope.

By doing so, we aspire to create an informed and united community, driven to dispel the shadows and work together to end the blight of human trafficking and slavery in our midst.

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Who We Are

Be the Light, Show Up and Illuminate Change!

We are a dedicated collective of tenacious parents in Washington state, united by a common goal to make a tangible difference in the world.

Our mission is to shine a relentless and revealing light into the darkest recesses of society, working tirelessly to expose, educate, and eradicate the sinister shadows that prey upon the innocent.

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what to know before you go

We help shine a light on controversial, often difficult to navigate topics through community funded events & educational endeavors.

Some of the information covered will be triggering

Topics we highlight include but are not limited to:

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Modern day Slavery

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child sex


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Abuse & Neglect


Think Tank
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public speaking


We foster a collaborative think tank environment where innovative solutions and ideas converge

Our public speaking events feature insightful discussions, & expert perspectives aimed at enlightening communities

We organize impactful fundraiser events to mobilize resources, enabling sustained efforts, while fostering community engagement and awareness.


frequently asked questions

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what is the main goal?

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how can I get involved?

Our main goal is to illuminate pressing issues, such as human trafficking and slavery through awareness, education, and community-driven solutions, fostering a society that is informed, empathetic, and proactive in combating these heinous crimes.

You can get involved by attending our events, participating in our think tank sessions, contributing to our fundraisers, or volunteering your time and skills to support our various initiatives aimed at combating human trafficking.

can I contribute?

do you collaborate ?

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Absolutely! We welcome and appreciate financial contributions to support our initiatives. Please visit this page for more information on how you can make a secure contribution.

Yes, we actively seek and value collaborations with like-minded organizations, local heroes, and experts in the field to enhance the impact of our initiatives and reach a wider audience in our fight against horrors such as human trafficking and slavery.

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how can I stay updated?

We’re always looking for passionate individuals to join our mission! Please email Lacy at for more information on volunteer opportunities.

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is there a way to volunteer?

come to our next event!

october 10th



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